Fan Calls Out Lynxxx For Singing A Secular Song After Claiming To Have Repented

A Nigerian music fan and possible follower of
rapper Lynxxx have called out the rapper for doing a secular song titled ” Ghana Girl” after notifying the whole world that he’s turned his life over to God.
As you know, rapper Lynxxx was a popular
secular rapper who was also called a bad guy.
But some time last year, the rapper made an
official announcement of his encounter with the most high God and his decision to turn a new leave. He even did a couple of gospel tracks in which he talked about his faith in God and his newly found purpose.
Lynxx also made it a point of duty to admonish girls to keep their bodies sacred, as their bodies are supposed to be the temple of God, not a tool for sexual immorality.
But it seems the rapper recorded a song after
that time titled “Ghana Girl.” So, this fan noticed and inquired of the rapper to know why he did a secular song after denouncing it.
He asked;
“‘Thought you said you were born again? Abi
Ghana Girl na gospel song? Am waiting for
your answers oo; Oga Lynxx.” But Lynxxx
slightly put a “bad guy” side on display, as he
indifferently replied the fan saying; ” Bros, you
go wait tire.” Hmmm.

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