Part Of What Needed To Be Done In Buhari’s Administration By Yasin Olawumi

Part Of What Needed To Be Done In Buhari’s Administration  By Yasin Olawumi

 Cookers always measure the quantity of ingredients to use in cooking, how can you stand dancing when your attention was needed. The plight of this country was caused by enmities, amity must find a way to our lives, stop harbouring bulldogs, bring them into justice. Who will challenge you?? They wanted your proactive measures, to shoot those blubbers, they needed to see your strength, they are minotaurs, show them who you are, make a rigid approach not a crawling puppet. 

This constant nagging is drawing attention to your Government, this lollygagging is making ways for wailers. People loved the cover of the book before reading it, don’t make them regret of buying another novel since the one they bought wasn’t useful ( “Appeal to the heavens, Ovonramwen Nogbaisi,” just a lit..) You need to mitigate the poverty leveled on us, not just announcing the latest luxurious you acquired, I read that you wanted to sell unclaimed properties from looters, good one,  make use of them to limit the songs of ethnics crises, bloodletting and carnage in Benue, Taraba, Nassarawa, Edo, Ekiti, just to pause.  Boko Haram is there and that was how they started, crawling mammals now a flying dragons.

Wailers are now hunters, lionizes are now hoping to steal again, since stealing is not a corruption, some are languishing in the dungeon. Buhari needs proper measures to end these dying like fowls, they are expressing remorse on what they did to us, how they made Nigeria the way it’s now, they are denouncing this government, when they were in power, they nearly sell Nigeria and Nigerians.

So long a letter, circulating around, written by two elephants, they unveiled what this administration lack, it was a point, whether they are bad leaders or not, if you may say, they still see things differently. Of course they are sycophants but after they’ve realized the bad things they planted when they were in power, that one has gone forever, no going back, death is awaiting.

I’m thinking he needs to learn how to show sympathy. Donald Trump is the example, during the Chicago’s incident in USA, Trump went there in person to sympathized with his people not sending a note of condolences, after all, they were your bloodlines and you are not in a hurry to judge, maybe after massacres.

Catholic Bishops told Buhari: Your government is failing, your goodwill being “fast depleted.” Truth is bitter, some are frightening to sass, some prefer this failing and falling to continue because they wanted to reach the position, what are they going to do if they hold the power?? Nigeria is dying, rescuer is slowing to rescue the victims. 

February 14, 2018, shooters killed 17 people at a Florida High School, Donald Trump ordered American flags to be flown at half-staff. Lots of people have been killed this recent year in Nigeria, lots of properties were lost, what stopped him in ordering Nigerian flags to be flown at half-staff? What stopped him not to visit Benue State?? 

Now that Lai Muhammad said, “Hate speech would be count as act of terrorism.” who visualised those speeches for them? Snake gulped 36 million, Website consumed 65 million, Monkeys swallowed 70 million, Rats chased President out of his office, are they commenting or replying on a zero reading/hearing?  After all, where is freedom of speech? This administration cooked speeches for speakers to read to the audiences, audiences wouldn’t mute on what the speakers read in front of them, as good students, they need to put them into practice. They loud your Government in tackling corruption, President of Liberia, Gorge weah also wanted to follow Buhari footsteps in tackling corruption in his country, good reputation and mimicking.

God save me
Save Nigerians as well

Yasin Olawumi graduated from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
(UDUSOK). He is a Corps member, NYSC Osun State.


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