President Buhari Is Doing What Is Best For Politics Not The Nation By Yasin Olawumi

President Buhari Is Doing What Is Best For Politics Not The Nation By Yasin Olawumi

In 2015, when i was in school, preparing for my final paper to write as undergraduate, my mind wasn’t in that Examination, only to think of how Nigeria is going to free from the regime of ALADIN by our votes, I was a speed publisher in publishing the count of deciders through INEC Twitter account not by hearsay on my Facebook page. We were all out side of the Hostel, waiting for the final result of the presidential election. Muhammad Buhari won, we all jubilated, lots of songs were released from different singers and lots of students were histrionic in celebrating your victory. 

Who voted for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Who made him the way he is now? Who fought in blood and flesh in achieving his goal till this time I’m writing my opinion? The answer is still the one you know, People of this Country voted for him not Rats, Snakes and Monkeys. They are the one you neglected without even Care for their livelihood. You are in number one in Fighting Corruption, very excellent in chastising looters but with due respect Sir, you are in Number zero in showing sympathy.

As we all rejoiced with the return of your Son from his medical trip to Germany, after all, Sahara reporters published the news of his medical trip to Germany on their page but the presidency debunked the news. Thank God he is in our midst with sound health and lyric of success. Some went the same way but they never came back. 

Your Excellence, by now, you must have heard the latest ocean of tears filled the atmosphere of the People living in Yola, Dapchi schoolgirls, 110 girls were abducted by lupine guest, mothers were crying for their missing daughters. Some may say, this isn’t inappropriate for you and me in a country that you can be killed in any moment, the love you have for him is what I have too, talk to balance the equation not to talk of illusion. Security is like if you can’t secure yourself, vultures are ready to dine on your head. Poor people are the shield for politicians step stones, have you ever heard that, Sons or daughters of so called Governors have been abducted or kidnapped?? Their children would be guided by securities, theft mosquito would be killed if it missed its flying spaces. It’s only poor people that can sleep with one eyes opened.

My recent published, ” part of What needed to be done in Buhari’s Administration,” I made mention that why Buhari refused to visit Benue, to show sympathy to the family and the state on the countless souls that were lost at the beginning of this year, it has now spread to Taraba, Yola and Zamfara, he refused to do that, he refused to condole with them. I cited the example of Donald Trump of the Florida high school’s incident, where students were gun down by unknown gun men and Chicago too. I don’t know maybe because if his old age, seeing the President would ease their pains. Kudos to our legislators, the likes of Shehu Sani, Dino Melaye and co, they voiced out on what he needed to be carried out as a president to his people, care, humanity, emotion, condolence, it was like they were talking to an empty house.

The president chooses what is best for politics, tears are nothing to them since the insurgency is not affecting their territories, and those that were affected shouldn’t depend on elites, because, that was how they do for politics. They all conveyed in Kano to rejoice with the elites, why lower classes are suffering. Have you all forgotten that, Kano people gave President Muhammad Buhari the highest votes in the last election, he needs to please them for his running, 2019 election is around the corner, politicians are now nailing their political ambition of going for second term by being in-laws.

Ganduje’s and Ajimobi’s children are in the heart of the president rather than the people that voted for change, the masses that ate under the sun and in the rain because of his love, they are not the one in his heart. “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody” touched my heart and the nation, but Sir Belong has change his quote inside out.

Mr. President wasn’t in hast to make a decision or rush into conclusion for the safety of his people in Benue, Taraba and Zamfara but he was in hast to fly to Kano in attending weeding Fatiha in busting his political elevation.

I need to halt here before the Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Muhammad file a case against me, monitoring crew is everywhere since there is no freedom of speech in the country.

God is the answer not human being.

Yasin Olawumi graduated from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
(UDUSOK). He is a Corps member, NYSC Osun State


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