How to Trace an Email address to its Owner

It must surely have crossed your mind finding out how to trace an email address to its owner. No matter how sacred you think your email address is, you still must have gotten messages from unknown sources you don’t even know anything about them. Depending on the content of this mail, you get curious as to finding out who the person behind the email address really is. Unless the person behind the email address is a spook or a tech guru, there are ways to trace the origin of the address.


How to trace an email address to its owner

There are many ways to find out who really is behind an email address, listed below are them:

  1. Trace email sender IP address

All email messages received contains headers which gives out a lot of information than what was sent in the body of the mail. Depending on the type of mail client, be it Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, etc. there are ways to check the IP address of the sender and Yahoo is one of the easiest. See all here.

After getting the IP address, you can trace it from with IP lookup or IP tracker.

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  1. Reverse search with Social Media

Virtually everyone is on one social media account or the other, Facebook has the largest number surely with over 1 billion users every month followed by micro-blogging site Twitter.

how to trace an email address to its owner

Facebook allows people to search people with email addresses and if any user has used a particular email address on his/her account, Facebook will bring out the full profile. It’s also possible to be found on Twitter by email address.

  1. Reverse Search with Google

You all know what this means already, Google is the biggest search engine in the world. One way or the other, we’ve all dropped our email accounts on websites which Google bots must have crawled.

A way to test this is by typing your email address in the Google search bar and see what Google has on you.

There you have it. Out of all the ways listed above on how to trace an email address to its owner, one should work for you.


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