I Was Unfortunate To Perceive Hausa Language: Not More Than Greetings And Initial Communication By Yasin Olawumi

In Psycholinguistics, I was thought and read on how scientists discovered and developed theories on how languages function in human brain. Many people assume the physical basis of language lies in the lips, the tongue, or the ear. But language is brain stuff not tongue, lip ear or hand stuff. People who have no capacity to use their Vocal cords many still be able to comprehend language. Noam Chomsky’s innateness theory proposed that children have an inborn faculty of language acquisition that is biologically determined.

To acquire languages are a process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive, produce and use words to understand and communicate. It include the picking up of diverse capacities including Syntax, Phonetics and extensive Vocabulary.

Reminiscence. The flash of this write up started when I was in Kwara State College of Arabic and Islamic Legal Studies, (Kwaracails) at Ilorin, the time I was doing my diplomatic Barrister. I was long psycho Hawk lad, savouring something swell in life. My mind was at peak to descend to another level. I was extremely elated on T-shirts, Trousers, neckties, bowties and black shoes, it was like God is smiling on me. The love of being a student of Kwaracails brought indescribable merriment.

I bought a book ” Hausa Da Turanci,” during my season of advocacy, I thought, time wait for nobody, since my next level is imminent, I needed to start learning Hausa with or without instructor. I could face Hausa’s isolation if I refused to ginger my swagger. That was when I dreamed to end up in Kano, but that dream never come to pass.

I was admitted into Usmanu Danfodiyo University with different conviction, what you seek is not what you gave but oodles of appreciation to Al mighty Allah for letting me to this part. My nightmare right from hollow. I started making friends, first, I was isolated cause of my ethnicity but they later took me out of reserved team to first eleven. The choices I made 7 years ago, one of them never on my side. I can’t count Hausa’s friend I had, I prefer having affairs with them than my own tribe because they were very good in friendship, both Lad and Lass.

I had a friend, very truthful one, he always wanted to learn my Language (Yoruba) and I was really desperate to acquire (Hausa) because, “determination is the key role of surviving.”  First friend I had was “Muslim”, he came from a wealthy family in Kebbi State. We were closer to the extent they thought I’m part of him like brothers, anytime we were together or in their midst, I was like aberration. He always reminds me to learn his language for better collaboration. My tribe does not isolated me not to have relationship with him, his sister and families. I tried my best, listened carefully to Hausa’s radio, watched their movies, I had a memorandum book I used to jot things I heard, that was very difficult to ingest for further revision in their language.

The reminiscent of “Maryam” popularly known as (Ameera), she was the braveest moslemah I ever known, Sokoto lass per say, very intelligent, very calm and lovely eyes / smile. It was like, am I dating this girl the way we closed, folks thought we were dating but I said, we were just friends. When I first came in, she was the first lady I introduced myself too, she, “Sekina Surajo and “Aisha Aminu Mode”, Daughter of current Dean Students Affairs UDUSOk were friends. What I cherished in them was, anytime guy walks to them to seek for conversations and so on, their minds always clean to respond to any shot not like my tribe, only to think you wanted to ask them out on date or seeking for their love portion. I enjoyed their friendship till the last day I left school, a real enjoyment.

When I crossed a valley to other kingdom in the year 2013, I succumbed that I had lost my best chance to gain control of Hausa language, if I can again, I had to start afresh. I met different people in different environment, their own way were different not like where I left, it was like time travel, going for adventure together with waverider.

We met at a photocopy center in School, she called my name, I was startled, I caressed my beard, this damned lady knows my name, “I think,” yes, and how did you know my name? I heard the time your friend called you, she said. I asked, what is your name, she retorted, “Firdausi Abubakar,” nice meeting you I said. Fidausi is from Kebbi State, I had chance to accumulate my learning skills on Hausa Language now, after all, our usual communication was English Language. I never dismay on further my learning of the language but always focus on my primary assignment before secondary. She introduced me to her friends, “Maryam Gobir,” always call her “Mandara,” “Hadiza Jabo,” Deez I called, “Rahama and Maryam Mu’ azu. They were like, “Bi igbin bafa, Ikaraun atele,” in my native tongue (the snail pulls forward, the shell also pulls forward). There is no way in writing my history without putting their names on it. They were like my case study every day, my main topic on how I survived Sokoto State, how I survived MELL Department at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. When things goes on your way, you will be thinking, why did you chose this part in the first place. I love Hausa people and their language and I was disappointed with the little I heard or speak.

Once upon a time in Udusok can’t complete without mentioning the name of my father, my mentor, my sire, Professor Adamu.A. Aliero. You may be hallucinating, why I always loud him my father or opt to, even if I had another adjective to qualified him, it will be my pleasure. He stood by me when I was lost on the road, I was isolated because of my incompetence but I never succumb to that. He embraced me when I was discarded thinking of somebody, I enjoyed his delicacy. Tears are flowing down to my cheeks cause of his humanitarian gesture to this little porcupine. I nearly lost in the river but I never succumb till I met Professor Aliero, “A person’s heart is not seen by his words but by his actions.” As an alien to his environment, he never pushed me away, always find me a better position and embraced my doing. I was impoverished to his language, pompous so many ways when I was with him, but i cherished my second language in conversations.

The love I have for this language makes me see things in different angle. My intention was to perceive it but later turned to something great, something I never felt in my life. If I was fortunate to perceive it to no spook level, I would have be the happiest person on earth but “Language acquisition device, LAD” derived by Noam Chomsky limited my brain only on my language (Yoruba) and English.

Literally, language acquisition is a complex and unique human quality for which there is still no theory that is able to completely explain how language is attained. That was why researchers, like Skinner, Chomsky have incorporated aspects of theories into their various findings. My ability not to acquire more languages was my brain refused to grow to multiple languages, since studies show that different languages are stored in physically different parts of my brain. Remodeling my brain might have side effects, but for me to think straight, I needed to be upgrading my brain every day. I’m not equal with hyperpolyglot.

Language is by nature, multiple languages are by nurture. Also in Animals, Apes, like, Chimpanzees, Bonobo, Koko, Washoe, Viki, Nim Chimpsky, named after Noam Chomsky. In birds like parrot, they acquired through blabbing, imitating, plastic symbols, computer, observations and others.

If I was unfortunate to perceive Hausa language to normal level, it was really because of my inability to acquire more languages through my dominant side of my brain for language production and can be my side effect. I’m still not happy on that but I’m happy for the little I can speak not fluently.

I really only speak one: Yoruba. But I seconded it with second language, if I were warmed up, I could talk a certain amount of Hausa or Arabic. I call myself a monolingual with benefits.



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