The Fragrant Of The Reward Is Not Match For The Current Situation By Yasin Olawumi


Patheticness, another political Banana from the Kwara State Government, another hunting of warlocks with lack of strategy. If you wanted to hunt down forsaking humans, it’s not how you dreamed to be, it’s how you acted unrewarded. Since we lack everything in Kwara State, no single achievement from the State Government to its people that can boost our moral, no CCTV to capture their movement or footage, just be who we are.

My advice for the Kwara State Government since there is no witty adviser on Security matter who can shed more light in tackling what happened in Offa, Kwara State in haste. You may be thinking of who is this porcupine that is advising the State Governor on what to do and not to do. I’ve much to say but less to act.

Your Excellency, “The giant porcupine is not match for a little hedgehog”, it’s obvious, your administration has given giving us a lot of headache on how you are governing the State. 

I coyly claim to be kwaran , its annoying to see other States making sense every day but we in Kwara, only God knows the time we are going to escape from this slavery trade. Truth is bitter. 

Your Excellency, you claimed of rewarding any whistle blower, who informed the State Police Command on the whereabouts of the gory armed Robbers that invaded Offa, Kwara State on Thursday with a sum of 5million naira. I detest this idea and quietly impoverishment.

Sir, it seems your special advisers are feeble and pretence. These perpetrators are no match for you, never will be, unless, you cowardly act untouched and shallow.

In River State, notorious kidnapper, cultist and killer, Johnson Igwedibia, aka Don Waney that killed over 21 persons returning from Church services on New Year day in Omoku, Ogba/Ndoni/Egbema Local Government Area of the state was killed, with the help of team of military, Department of State Services, DSS, and the Police. What make them succeeded? It was because of a team work, team always stronger, leaving no murderers behind. Kwara State Government can tap this scene and be succeeded.

In Kogi State, Kabiru Seidu aka Osama and Nuhu Salisu aka ‘Small’ were rearrested, one  rearrested at Tafawa Balewa LGA in Bauchi state, why other in Ganaja village in Kogi state, It was because of the effort of the combined teams of IGP’s Intelligence Response Team, Monitoring Unit and Technical Intelligence Unit that gave the upper hands. If
Kwara State Government can follow these processes, the sinister will soon be captured.

Nevertheless, we ought to be rising like a Phoenix from the ashes not like a senile waiting for any moment to be buried.

Insecurity is killing souls day and night

May God save us in Nigeria
May God shower peace, harmony and blessing on us in Offa and Kwara State at large

Pray for Offa, Offa is going to be great, Offa is growing, Offa Onibaje ooo.

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