See The Car A Nigerian Manufactured For N80,000 (Photos)

As it has always been emphasized earlier, Nigeria is blessed with both vast human and natural resources but the problem is how to harness them. 

Tucked away in Ohanze town near the commercial city of Aba in Abia state is Francis Emmanuel. He runs a company called EM Automobile.


This enterprising young Nigerian is in the business of manufacturing automobiles. Francis Emmanuel has built a brand of car called the EM Emulate.

According to him, the EM Emulate is manufactured using Mate motorcycle engine together with other locally fabricated materials.

Thus far, and largely due to inadequate funding, he has built only one unit of the EM Emulate. However, here is the interesting part: a unit of the EM Emulate is built with only Eighty thousand naira (N80, 000) !

Indeed, such industry and determination ought to be encouraged. With some encouragement and support, such project have the potential to come out much better.

See more photos:

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