The Journey From Osogbo To Offa (Episode 1) By Yasin Olawumi

Aremu started arguing of the result between Roma and Barcelona, he called his friend a novice, “you must be joking, are you sure we watch the match together?” he asked, when they were at the viewing center, waiting for Real Madrid vs Juventus match to kickoff. “Don’t talk like that to me, when did you start watching matches?” Babangida replied. “My friend, don’t ask me that, you are arguing blindly and I was telling you the fact in football, you are asking me frivolous question, please take a side bench, you don’t have much to contribute to this argument”, said Aremu. “The match is about to kickoff,” Yunus interrupted.

They were arguing of the previous match, the effort of Roma to knocked Barcelona out of the Champions league. They are now ready to watch Real Madrid vs Juventus match.

“See, Juventus is going to play and qualified, yesterday’s match had changed the tone of their music, they are going to start afresh,” said Babangida. “Please, don’t give me hypertension, we are already qualified,” Aremu replied.

Aremu was an Arsenal fan but chose Real Madrid as his second club. He was criticized many times for supporting Madrid instead of Barcelona because, Barcelona and Arsenal had similarity in playing, but, he detested Barcelona naturally. Babangida was a Barcelona fan. Since Roma knocked Barcelona out of the Champions league, he wanted the same for Madrid.

First goal entered. “goaaaaaaaaaal at the ear of Aremu, Babangida was very excited. “Juventus is going to destroy you today,” said Babangida. “You think we are like you, Fourth position in Seria A buried you alive and you are here celebrating your demise,” replied Aremu. “We shall see, today, you shall fall,” mocked Babangida and laughed. Aremu was very annoyed for what Babangida said to him. He kept muted because of what happened to Barcelona, he didn’t want it to repeat itself on them.

Second goal entered. “goaaaaaaaaal,” Babangida started beating his chest, he jubilated inside out, Aremu was trembling on the bench. “Oh, c’mmon! Please sit down,” said Yunus.

Yunus was a serving corps member, living together with Aremu at Alekuwodo, Osogbo.

At halftime, Aremu and Babangida went out, Aremu refused to talk to people because of what he encountered during the match. Aremu had fought with a Chelsea fan before the match that they are going to win by clean sheet. Aremu mouth was sealed, he was isolated.

Second half begins. Harlot fans had started celebration up and down. A fan went to Babangida and Babangida was beside Aremu. “Madrid is coming home tonight, there would be no more UEFA Cristiano League,” Aremu retorted, “game is still on, before 90 minutes, things can turn into our side,” Aremu never landed on what he was saying, third goal entered, Matuidi! Opened the gate of joy, terminated the dream of qualified. Aremu face deranged.

Four minutes added time. 92 minutes clocked, Madrid had a penalty. “Oh my Gosh! This is not a penalty, this is a clear OJORO, Madrid must have paid the referee” said Babangida. “Mr. Man, keep quite jare, it is obvious, you are blind, can’t you see, he pushed him?” Aremu replied. “This is a clear foul, Madrid with their fake actions,” Babangida said.

The match ended in favour of Madrid. Aremu skedaddled outside with his jersey zigzagged on air with this song “thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you God.” Babangida squished his face, he barely talk to Aremu on their way going back home.

In the morning, Aremu was inside the room with his friends “Mr. Barcelona, I wanted to go home and comeback in the following day,”  “thank God! Please buy me Potato and great my friend for me,” babangida responded. “Who is your friend? Asked Aremu. “Mufutau Gbadamansi of course, Olofa of Offa,” Babangida replied. He knew Aremu very well, he knew him of his hot temper anytime they talked down of his town and he coined that joke to draw his ego. “If I catch you eee, I will through you in the dungeon if you act that melodrama again, Oba Mufutau is not your playing tone, he is a king,” Aremu retorted angrily.  “In the next five minutes, I will be on my way to Kwara, my precious Town, Offa. He said.