The Journey From Osogbo To Offa (Episode 2) By Yasin Olawumi

The glaring sunlight that greeted Aremu through the window informed him that it was morning, Aremu made his way to the motor park. While waiting for the loading bus to full, he saw beggars with different identifications. A young lady stood beside him, begging for money, he first ignored her but later gave her and she left. Another cripple man came to him, he was sobbed internally on the condition he met him, he gave him money and he left. Not too long, a very damned dumb creature and a proverbial beggar halted for money, he had checked his wallet with no money to give out, he was discomfort with too much of husky from them, he opened the door bus and slammed it, he was teased because he didn’t have enough money in his wallet.

“You should wait inside because they see you as their ATM machine, if you don’t leave that place, they will come in bulk,” someone said. Aremu love the person utterance. “I wanted to give those who needs but I’m about to become like them,’ replied Aremu.  He wanted to follow what he read in the Quran and the Hadith. What if you become poor in giving out? What if they only wanted to use the money you gave them for something else? If you have enough is better, what of someone that doesn’t have much talk less of giving out? Only for us to try and do our best. Soliloquised.

The bus was about to full, they were waiting for just two passengers. “Osogbo to Offa, ero meji pere loku oo,” said the driver. Aremu asked “please, like how much from Osogbo to Offa?” “It is N500,” said the driver. Aremu can’t keep his word but voiced out “but I took it N400 when I was coming from Offa to Osogbo last time, why N500 now?” he asked. “You can ask from the passengers, that is how we use to take it here,” said the motor park chairman.

The driver on the engine, sounded the horn, door was closed and they were on their way to Offa. “Attention! Attention! Someone should give us a prayer,” someone said. Prayers observed.

At the prevailing moment, Aremu phone rang. It was his wife

“Asalam Alaikum?”

“Wa alaikum Salam,” retorted Aremu.

“When are you coming home?”

“I’m on my way to Offa.”

“Okay, journey mercy, buy something for me.”

“As always sweet heart, thanks,” he replied and hanged up.

He smiled gently. He had bought bread and apple for her but refused to disclose it during her call.

On his way, a policeman stopped them for usual collection which resulted into argument between the driver and the policeman. He first told him not to go without giving him something. “O ya park here, let me see your document,” policeman said. The driver eyeing him disdainfully. “You don’t know who I am abi, I use to give you something anytime I’m passing on this road but today, you glued your eye like a blind corpse.”  “I know you but let me first do my job,” said the policeman. “What nonsense job is he doing, only to extort dough from motorists by force, soliloquised. “Here is it, take this, I don’t have more in hands, this is my first trip this morning,” said the driver with a mocking joviality. “You can go,” replied the policeman.

“Aregbesola is trying, see how he turns Osun roads to modern age,” someone said,

“Of course, Aregbesola is trying but not paying workers is the problem in his administration right now, if he can do that, life would be meaningful for them because people are dying. He owned pensioners months unpaid, “said an old man in the bus.

Aremu realised what an old man is insinuating. He tapped one of the passengers sitting beside the man “leopard cannot change its spots.” At this age, he can’t,” replied the passenger.

When they were descending to Ikirun. They saw ongoing reconstruction of roads that link Osogbo and Ikirun plus other local governments together, one of the passengers voiced out angrily

“Osun people should open their eyes and see what Aregbesola is doing for them, nothing like this in Kwara State. Aregbesola is still putting smiles into faces not like Fatahi in Kwara, Ajase-Ipo to Offa is there, for up to twelve years now, that road is in bad shape and they are passing it inside out, they never think to face reality than disturbing our ears on the Radio.”

On that conversations, the driver told them not to go to that length better to look what is closer to them. If you wanna criticize the government, we ought to start from our selves. What is our impact to the development of your state? Not only Government can do everything for us and……..

“Driver! I’m about to drop,” a passenger interrupted.

“Where am I going to drop you?” asked the driver

“Under that filling station in front of us, by the left,” she replied.

“We are in Ikirun, who also wanted to drop?” asked the driver

“Nobody except me,” she replied.

The driver also had a message to deliver in Ikirun, he was given the receiver’s number for prim communication. He dialed the number, the receiver picked

“Hello! Is that Shola?” asked the driver.

“Yes, it’s me. Please to whom am I speaking with?” he asked

“I have a message for you from your father, come and meet us in front of Mobil filling station,” said the driver and hanged up.

A passenger dropped, he delivered his message and we channeled our way towards Okuku.