The Spiritual Attack Of ‘Transmission; Work Of Shadow Hunters (Bone Me) By Yasin Olawumi

When I first saw status of ‘transmitting transmission’ scattered on the social media, I first thought it’s the new act or coin by Nigerians to put smiles into faces like Snake swallowed 60 million naira. The total confusing was when I was watching the video clip, what first came to my mind was this Video was edited. I had watched numerous edited videos on different occasions coined by Nigerians to deride their masters in making.

When Dino Melaye Was arrested, Senators were not happy on the allegation leveled on him. Senators had visited him at the hospital together with the Senate President. We all know that Dino and Saraki are like “snail pulls forward, shell also pulls forward,” Bi igbin bafa, ikaraun atele, where you go I go like MTN. Dino always back Saraki on enormous occasions and now, it’s the turn of Saraki to do the same for Dino.

Saraki wanted to free Dino by Summoned IGP Idris to appear before the Senate Chamber and tell them why he arrested Dino and laid siege on him, what headed the exposed invitation letter “Invitation to brief the Senate on the poor treatment of Senator Dino Melaye over case that is in competent law court: and other killings across Nigeria.” This lollygagging approach was because of Dino. They used two and half lines to talk about Dino arrest and half line for killings across Nigeria. Semantically together with political gimmick, their main mission was to invited IGP and talk about the lawful arrest of Dino not the killings across Nigeria.  IGP refused to appear before them made them declared him as “an enemy of democracy and no fit to hold any public office within and outside Nigeria.”

On Thursday 16th May, 2018, Senate President, Bukola Saraki told the chamber that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, plans to implicate him in the trial of some cultists arrested in Kwara State. For Saraki to cry out like that means something unusual wanted to happen.

I patiently watched the viral video and I observed something uncommon. When he started the remarks, some kinda mysterious air started blowing made him repeated a sentence million times. The air wanted to snatch his written speech but nailed it resulted to constant nagging of ‘Transmitting Transmission. It was clearly shown that it was not ordinary air blew but a dispatch of spiritual attack, unseen demon pinned his tongue on ‘Transmission. Kind of vindictiveness!

I can recall vividly when I was in Ilorin, a Sheikh wanted to deliver a lecture on the pulpit in front of the masses, only word he could uttered was ” In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful,” others was like someone knocked – knotted his tongue, haa hah ahah hahah….no sentence again, they quickly rushed him off the pulpit and took him to somewhere, we later heard that he was attacked spiritually.

According to SHEHU SANI “A white man just made a grammatical error when trying to speak our language and you gently corrected him;Your African brother made grammatical errors when trying to speak English and you insulted, mock and even stabbed him. Mental colonialism”

Mundanes are using what happened to IGP Ibrahim Idris as an excuse to lunch his incompetency. I watched another video of him which he was perfected with no struggle to pronounce words from a written speech. That attacked was very strong on him and the sorcerer must also face a spiritual judgment of prayers from Nigerians to send back what he planted on him.

May Allah (God) save us all from evil spirit.